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Welcome to FlopsyArt!  With a unique artistic voice and a playful and evocative exploration of planet Earth’s color palette, I strive to inspire humankind through inventive and experimental work.

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Green Forest_edited.jpg

Green Forest

Fall in the Sun

Fall in the Sun_edited.jpg
Walk in the Rain.jpg

Walk in the Rain

Pink Field


Sun and the Moon


Blue Sun Flower.jpg

Blue Sunflower

Summer Sailing.jpg

Summer Sailing

June 10, 2019

Cloudy Field

June 22, 2019

Cloudy Field.jpg

The Waves

Human Closeness

Africal Ladies.jpg

Rocky Nature

The Mobile World

Modern Art Piece

Story of An Artist

My name is Vasantha Siva, and I am a talented artist based in the West Palm Beach Area area who strives to provide beauty through art for all my patrons. I have a passion for art and hope to expand knowledge and creative expertise across all endeavours. I am committed to providing clients with the best possible experience through artistic expression.

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